FOB Qingdao
DOOR Saint-Petersburg
Tariff id: 69
All major activities and operations necessary to move the load:

- Acceptance of the container on board the vessel at the port of departure.

- Publication of the ocean bill of lading

- Ocean freight from the port of departure to port of transshipment in Europe

- Cargo handling at the port of transshipment in Europe

- Feeder freight transshipment port in Europe to the destination port of St. Petersburg

- Publication of the bill of lading feeder

- Cargo handling at the port of St. Petersburg

- Free storage time at the port of St. Petersburg 4 days

- Free use of the container during 7 days

- Sending a package of documents for customs clearance in the Baltic Customs

- Removal from the port of St. Petersburg and delivery to the warehouse of destination in St. Petersburg.

- Free period for unloading containers 6 hours

- Return the empty container after unloading in stock shoreline

- Examination of goods throughout the route

- Timely provision of a set of documents of the closure operation

- Not VAT

Not included. Possible additional costs:

- In the case of issuing container customs inspection / inspection / monitoring / DCO = 400 usd

- Insurance of the goods throughout the route = 0.11% of 110% of the actual value of the goods at each point insurable.

- Excess simple recipient in stock for unloading cargo from container = 150 usd / day

- Customs clearance = 250 usd / 1 DT

- Excess storage container in the port of St. Petersburg from = 40usd / 1 day

- Excess use of the container = 40 usd / 1 day

- Auxiliary line charge not export = 200 usd / 6 and every 10 day

- VAT 18%
International transport management, container shipping via the Sea Port of St. Petersburg, rendering the whole package of services en-route.
20'DV2200 USD
40'DV2800 USD
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  • Seaport Qingdao
    39 дн.
  • Seaport in Europe
    7 дн.
  • Seaport Saint-Petersburg
    5 дн.
  • Departed from seaport St-Petersburg
    1 дн.
  • Consignee
    / дн.