General conditions for all employees VDVLOGISTICS:

  • The salary for a probationary period of 3 months - 20 000 rubles
  • Salary after probation period - from 30 000 rubles
  • The annual increase in salaries by 10%
  • The annual award for long service - 3 years of work in VDVLOGISTICS
  • The thirteenth salary
  • Fourteenth salary
  • Holidays 28 days
  • Compulsory health insurance polic
  • The work of the Labour Code, all payments to the official
  • Own bank account where to transfers of salaries with enhanced concessional lending

Suggest a candidate - attach a resume.

Submit resume Directing the your resume, you hereby consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law "On personal data" in order to promote your employment.

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Specialist call-center

Requirements for the position:

Active life position. Skill obtain and give information over the phone. We pay special attention to those skilled in the art. We work under the conditions that will suit both sides. Work is possible at a permanent, temporary, contract, piecework and other conditions. 
Responsibilities: Telephone conversations with potential clients. All is simple, understandable and accessible. You are making calls to potential clients in the process of conversation, get the information necessary to quotations of rates. Information on the pattern. Having received information shall be sent, filled template to your manager. Payment for each completed template. So you decide how much you earn.