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The main activity VDVLOGISTICS - Organization of the international transport of goods in containers by sea port of St. Petersburg, including full service throughout the route, at all in terms of delivery thresholds and Incoterms 2010.

The volume of each work entirely depends on delivery terms of Incoterms 2010 as reflected in the foreign trade contracts Magee of buyers and sellers.

We carry only the range of services, as It depends on the quality of work and quality of work has a direct impact on unplanned expenses. Will they or not. And accordingly, on the final cost of the goods. Our rates include all costs. They can safely rely even at the preliminary calculations the cost of goods that you plan to purchase a Foreign State.

Every job is a specialist in logistics, which involves the necessary expertise in the necessary time to do so, allowing for work just in time, with adequate information and timely provision to the full set of documents, the final work. Detailed actions that we perform:

- Preparation of the empty container in stock shoreline countries of origin

- Export customs clearance

- Delivery of empty containers for loading to the warehouse of the Sender

- Delivery of loaded container to the port of departure

- Cargo handling at the port of departure

- Acceptance of the container on board the vessel at the port of departure.

- Publication of the ocean bill of lading

- Ocean freight from the port of departure to port of transshipment in Europe

- Cargo handling at the port of transshipment in Europe

- Feeder freight transshipment port in Europe to the destination port of St. Petersburg

- Publication of the bill of lading feeder

- Cargo handling at the port of St. Petersburg

- Free storage time at the port of St. Petersburg 4 days

- Free use of the container during 7 days

- Customs clearance in the Baltic Customs

- Removal from the port of St. Petersburg and delivery to the warehouse of destination

- Free period for unloading containers 6 hours

- Return the empty container after unloading in stock shoreline

- Examination of goods throughout the route

- Timely provision of a set of documents of the closure operation

Not included. Possible additional expenses, which may arise in the course of customs clearance, unloading and insurance:

- In the case of issuing container customs inspection / inspection / monitoring / DCO = 400 usd

- Insurance of the goods throughout the route = 0.11% of 110% of the actual value of the goods at each point insurable.

- Excess simple recipient in stock for unloading cargo from container = 150 usd / day

Not included. Unplanned expenses that usually occur in the case of not timely delivery of requested documentation and / or late payment of customs duties:

- Excess storage container in the port of St. Petersburg from = 40usd / 1 night

- Excess use of the container = 40 usd / 1 night

- Auxiliary line charge not export = 200 usd / 6 minutes and every 10 minutes a day

If you follow instrkutsiyam logistics specialist, danyh costs do not arise.