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The main and only duty VDVLogistics to contractors and service providers - full and timely payment according to the amount and timing specified in the contract / application

The main and only active duty / potential contractors VDVLOGISTICS:

  • Safety of cargoох
  • Compliance pre-negotiated, delivery times
  • Timely provision of primary documents
  • Full and timely information to
  • Rapidity reactions to queries / questions / actions

Forwarder counterparty RU

We lead constant search for agents and forwarders attraction to all the territories of the Earth.We need forwarding agents who are able and capable of running through the sea port in the region, namely:

Precarriage :

  • Pick up the empty container in stock line of the sea
  • Post Free empty container for loading to the warehouse of the sender
  • Arrange export customs clearance
  • Arrange obtaining permits for the export of the country
  • Arrange terminal handling, including THC, in the sea port of departure
  • Arrange the collection and consolidation of cargo at intermediate terminals departure
  • To organize sea freight to the port of of St. Petersburg


Sea / Ocean Line and agents

We lead constant search for and attraction of shipping lines and agents throughout the Earth

We are interested in:

  • Flexibility of rates and terms of payment
  • Extended conditions for the free period of use of the containers
  • Amenities surrender of empty containers in stock


We lead constant search and attraction of motor carriers - owners of rolling stock with the ability and desire to actually to take out the container from the Sea Port of St. Petersburg, deliver them to the recipient's warehouse and take the empty container in Stoke. All new relationship with the truckers we begin a new scheme and routes. We do not tear the relationship because of the difference in rates - it is important to the reliability and longevity. We are interested in:

  • Reasonable rates
  • Payment terms 20 banking days from date of granting of documents for work performed
  • The presence of serviceable of rolling stock
  • Provision of documents (by + c / f + AVR+Waybill of cargo + Waybill of empty.) no later than 5 calendar days from the date of the empty container in Stoke line, including the day of delivery and the day of submission of documents.