The main and the only activity VDVLogistics - organization of international transport of goods in containers by sea port of St. Petersburg, including all service for transit, customs clearance, freight forwarding, obtaining permits.

    Statutory documents

  • Timely provide the documents required for customs clearance and freight forwarding
  • Timely pay customs duties on customs clearance
  • Timely pay for the services under the contract transport and forwarding services (payment is made in two stages: 70% 3 days before the arrival of the goods at the port of St. Petersburg, and 30% within 3 days following the date of issue of CD)



  • Not freight forwarders and brokers, not customs declarants and not managers, not carriers, not accountants and salespeople. 
  • Not PR, not eycharschiki not multimodalschiki-intermodalschiki. 
  • Greedy to everything that is in our work. 
  • We do not plan far and do not aspire to be "mnogostanochnik." Building a life according to their values and customize them under the existing order. 
  • Clearly understand the personal and collective tasks required result and full responsibility.
  • Specialists solves the problem by combining the overall effort and / or alone. 
  • Set priorities for the solution of problems and not surprising number and the words, understand the common sense, always and everywhere - Maybe two hundred options.